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Emel Cetak
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TARCC, Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre:a strategic centre of excellent of the Malaysian rubber industry/a publication by the Malaysian Rubber Board - Kuala Lumpur : Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), 2007

This publication highlights the Centre, as a strategic centre of excellence and the eyes, ears and voice of the MRB and the Malaysian rubber and rubber-based product manufacturers in the West.

KZ 633.835


Thornton's Malaysians tax commentaries/ Richard Thornton – Malaysia : Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2006

Thornton's Malaysian Tax Commentaries is a helpful work of reference on the law of direct taxation in Malaysia. The second edition of this work makes available the full text of the law on income tax, real property gains tax, promotion of investments and the Labuan offshore business activity tax including all the schedules and subsidiary legislation of current and general relevance.

KM 335 M24


Transboundary risk management/ edited by Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer, Ragnar E. Lo’fstedt, and Gunnar Sjo’stedt - London : Earthscan Publications, 2006

Environmental hazards do not respect international boundaries. In this volume, distinguished international researchers make a significant contribution to the understanding and management of the transboundary risks involved. Numerous case studies of transboundary environmental risks are analyzed, including BSE and Himalayan water projects. Key issues concerning public participation and the political significance of transboundary risks emerge, from which useful practical lessons on the management of risk are drawn. The volume provides valuable evidence and analysis for those working on international environmental issues and all aspects of risk management.

KN 94


Crime and money laundering:the Indian perspective/Jyoti Trehan - New York : Oxford University Press, 2006
This book describes and analysies one of the greatest threats to India's security and economic well-being, organized crime, the huge sums of money generated as a result and made use of for various nefarious activities. It examines the increasingly sophisticated methods used to convert or launder proceeds of crime into legal tender, and shows how the nature of large-scale crime is inevitably transnational.

KM 540.6 I32


Carver on bills of lading/ Guenter Treitel, F.M.B. Reynolds – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2005

This text supplies definitive guidance on the law relating to bills of lading and covers numerous recent cases, in detail, including the following key decisions: The David Agmashenebeli and The Happy Ranger, touching on various aspects of the nature of bills and The Jordan II, The Kapitan Petko Voivoda, El Greco v Mediterranean Shipping and The Tasman Discoverer, on various issues involving the Hague Rules.

KN 387.3


The trial on trial: judgement and calling to account/edited by Antony Duff ... [et al.] – Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2006

What are the aims of a criminal trial? What social functions should it perform? And how is the trial as a political institution linked to other institutions in a democratic polity? What follows if we understand a criminal trial as calling a defendant to answer to a charge of criminal wrongdoing and, if he is judged to be responsible for such wrongdoing, to account for his conduct? A normative theory of the trial, an account of what trials ought to be and of what ends they should serve, must take these central aspects of the trial seriously; but they raise a number of difficult questions. They suggest that the trial should be seen as a communicative process: but what kinds of communication should it involve? What kind of political theory does a communicative conception of the trial require? Can trials ever actually amount to more than the imposition of state power on the defendant? What political role might trials play in conflicts that must deal not simply with issues of individual responsibility but with broader collective wrongs, including wrongs perpetrated by, or in the name of, the state? These are the issues addressed by the essays in this volume.

KM 582


International securities regulation/Ian Tunstall – Sydney : Law Book Co., 2005

An extensive and detailed analysis of the law relating to the international regulation of securities, using an Australian context for cross-border activities. It explains the complexities associated with the trading of securities in international markets, the transition and convergence of markets into more broadly defined markets, and the risks involved and remedies available under domestic law and private international law.

KN 304.1


PHP and MySQL for dynamic Web sites/Larry E. Ullman - Berkeley, CA : Peachpit Press, c2005

This guide is indispensable for Web designers who want to replace their static sites with something more dynamic. The companion Web site includes source code, support forums, and extra tutorials. In addition to being updated for the most recent releases of MySQL and PHP, this new edition offers 25% new material, including updated examples for improved clarity and comprehension and new installation instructions for PHP, MySQL, and other related technologies.

KZ 005.13


The power of a positive no.:how to say no and still get to yes/ William Ury - New York : Bantam Books, 2007

Twenty-five years after the publication of the bestselling Getting to Yes, Ury addresses the other side of the coin, but his version of "No" is not a simple rejection. "A Positive No begins with Yes and ends with Yes," he says, because it defines the nay-sayer's self-interests and paves the way for a continued relationship. Ury delineates this "Yes! No. Yes?" pattern recursively, so that each step is itself another three-part process. In addition to drawing on his own experiences as a negotiator for conflicts in countries like Chechnya and Venezuela, and the historical examples of activists like Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, he shows how his principles can be used in the home and the workplace.

KZ 158.2


Project finance: a legal guide/by Graham D. Vinter with contribution from Gareth Price – London : Sweet & Maxwell Limited, 2006

The new edition of a popular and highly regarded text, "Project Finance" examines the legal issues involved in the tendering, negotiation, financial structuring and management of infrastructure and energy projects. It provides detailed guidance on the specific parts of the many branches of law that are brought into play in a typical project financing, from large cross-border upstream oil and gas projects to small- to medium- sized PPP projects. It is not solely a legal work as it also gives advice on a multitude of commercial and financial issues and explains current market practice. It draws together a disparate subject into one reference source.

KC 222

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16



Book Cover

Call No


Best practices: hiring people recruit and keep the brightest stars/Kathy Shwiff - New York : Collins, 2007

This book shows how you learn to: attract, find and retain top performers, conduct an effective talent search, get the most out of interviews, craft an irresistible offer, use recruiters effectively, build a referral network you can depend on.

KZ 658.3


Scientific criminal investigation/ B.R. Sharma - New Delhi : Universal Law Publishing, 2006

The book contains information regarding various connecting clues, how to locate, collect, preserve and use them to prove the acts of criminal in committing the offence. Specific characteristic features of weapons, their way of using and source of procuring them are also discussed.

KM 608


An introduction to competition law/ Pieter J. Slot and A.C. Johnston – Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2006

This book is intended to serve as a first acquaintance with competition law and is written in particular for students who intend to study a foundation course in competition law. The current competition law in the UK consists of two main levels: EC competition law and UK competition law. In this introduction both levels are covered, along with an abbreviated introduction to the EC rules on state aids. An important function of this book is to provide an insight into the combined system of UK and EC competition law.

KN 266


Politics and process at the United Nations: the global dance/Courtney B. Smith - New Delhi : Viva Books Private Limited, 2007

Drawing readers into the global dance that takes place at UN headquarters the author introduces the various members of the troupe and explains the procedures and processes that make up the movements of the dance. He also addresses an often neglected but essential issue, do UN decisions really matter?

KC 401


Mediation law and practice/David Spencer, Micheal Brogan - New York : Cambridge University Press, 2006

Mediation Law and Practice gives a thorough account of the practice of mediation from the perspective of the student and practitioner. Divided into two parts, it deals with both the practice of mediation and the law surrounding mediation. Touching on the theory and philosophy behind the practice, it further describes in a theoretical and practical sense the difference between the emerging models of mediation. Mediator qualities are discussed in terms of issues of gender, culture and power. This book examines the important issue of mediation ethics and, taking into account the developing law surrounding the practice, proposes a code of ethics. It looks at the future of mediation in light of the decline in litigation, the rise in regulatory constraints on mediation and the popularity of online mediation. Mediation Law and Practice provides students and practitioners with the complete text on the practice and law surrounding mediation.

KN 398.6


Status of children in developing countries/editor S. Wal - New Delhi : Sarup & Sons, 2006

The future of any nation depends upon the sound development of children. For construction of civilized, cultural and happy society we have to educate and train our children properly because they would take the nation towards prosperity. The present volume deals with the study of child development in the developing countries.

KN 176


Methods of legal reasoning/Jerzy Stelmach – Dordecht : Springer, 2006

The book attempts to describe and criticize four methods used in legal practice, legal dogmatics and legal theory: logic, analysis, argumentation and hermeneutics. Apart from a presentation of basic ideas connected with the above mentioned methods, the essays contained in this book seek to answer questions concerning the assumptions standing behind these methods, the limits of using them and their usefulness in the practice and theory of law. A specific feature of the book is that in one study four different, sometimes competing concepts of legal method are discussed. The panorama, sketched like this, allows one to reflect deeply on the questions concerning the methodological conditioning of legal science and the existence of a unique, specific legal method.

KA 55


Constitution of India/by Jagadish Swarup and Dr. L.M. Sighvi - New Delhi : Modern Law Publication, 2006

An article-wise second edition of pioneer commentary on the Constitution of India thoroughly revised and enlarged with all the changes made up to the Constitution Act 2005 and the numerous judgements of Supreme Court and High Courts on vital points have been incorporated with exhaustive coverage on Fundamental Rights, Human Rights, Constitutional Remedies, Fundamental Duties, Service Matters, Environmental protection etc.

KM 33 I32


The susskind interviews: legal experts in changing times/ edited by Richard Susskind – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2005

This book comprises a series of interviews with leading figures in the UK legal world conducted by Richard Susskind OBE, Gresham Professor of Law. The interviews took place over the last three years and provide an unprecedented snapshot of this turbulent period in the development of the legal system. In the light of the issues involved - abolition of the role of Lord Chancellor, proposals for a Supreme Court, September 11th, the collapse of Enron and Andersen, the Hutton Inquiry, et al - this book is an invaluable resource for all those seeking to understand the inter-relationships between law, politics, business and current affairs.

KB 15


Transnational law and local struggles: mining, communities, and the World Bank/David Szablowski – Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2007

This book examines the regulation of these conflicts through national, transnational and local legal processes. In doing so, it examines how legal authority is being redistributed among public and private actors, as well as national and transnational actors, as a result of globalizing forces. The book presents a case study concerning the negotiation of land transfer and resettlement between a transnational mining enterprise and indigenous peasants in the Andes of Peru. The case study is used to explore the intensely local dynamics involved in negotiations between corporate and community representatives and the role played by legal ordering in these relations. In particular, the book examines the operation of a transnational legal regime managed by the World Bank to remedy the social and environmental impacts of projects which receive Bank assistance. The book explores the nature and character of the World Bank regime and the multiple consequences of this projection of transnational law into a local dispute.

KN 87

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16



Book Cover

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The politics of globalization: a reader/[edited by] Mark Kesselman – Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co, 2007

"The Politics of Globalisation: A Reader" includes a collection of scholarly writings on the topic. This reader is divided into four parts, Introduction to the topic of Globalisation, Political Economy, Civil Society and Governance. Each part examines the economics, sociology (i.e., civil society implications) and politics of globalisation. Within each section, both national and cross-national implications are examined.

KZ 303.482


Communications law in India:(legal aspects of telecom, broadcasting, and cable service)/Vikram Raghavan - New Delhi : LexisNexis Butterworths, 2007

This book discusses the legal and regulatory aspects of communications services in India. The focus of this book is not confined to telephone or telecom services. It also includes radia and television through terrestrial, satellite and cable technology as well as internet services and internet telephony. The book traces the origins of modern communications law to the East India Company's foundation of a monopolistics telegraph network.

KN 344


Mediation and other non-binding ADR processes/by Alan Scott Rau, Edward F. Sherman, Scott R. Peppet - New York : Foundation Press, 2006

This book provides detailed on mediation and other non-building alternative dispute resolution processes. The casebook provides the tools for fast, easy, on-point study. Part of the University Casebook Series, it includes selected cases designed to illustrate the development of a body of law on a particular subject. Text and explanatory materials designed for law study accompany the cases.

KN 398.6


Intellectual property: text and essential cases/by Rocque Reynolds, Natalie P. Stoianoff - Annandale, N.S.W : Federation Press, 2005

The second edition of Intellectual Property: Text and Essential Cases includes detailed consideration of the changes introduced by the US Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act 2004 including copyright and moral rights for live performers in sound recordings; copyright and moral rights for performers of expressions of folklore; a new definition of reproduction and material form; an extension of the duration of copyright protection; new laws relating to electronic rights management, encoded broadcasts and carriage service providers; and the protection of patents for therapeutic goods.

KN 111


Road accident citator/general editor, Nasser Hamid – Malaysia : Gavel Publications, 2007

This updated second edition is complemented with general notes and case digests. The general notes set out the general principles and a concise explanation of the law, while the case digests provide the interpretation of the law by the courts especially in the areas of liability and assessment of damages.



Quiet leadership: help people think better – don’t tell them what to do : six steps to transforming performance at work/David Rock - New York : Collins, 2006

The author asserts a commonsense message he overcomplicates in this guide for executives and managers who want to improve employee performance. Rock, CEO of Results Coaching System, strives to legitimize his methodology with neuroscience, acronyms and catchphrases and gratuitous, Powerpointesque illustrations.

KZ 658.4092


The criminal process in Malaysia: cases & materials/ Salim Ali Farrar – Malaysia : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007

This book addresses the pre-trial stage. In addition to setting out leading cases that deal with basic rules and principles of criminal procedure, the book incorporates a number of texts from different jurisdictions which along with the extensive notes and questions that accompany them, provoke a wider discussion about the values underpinning the criminal process in Malaysia, the second settings in which those rules and procedures operate and the current direction of reform.



Writing law dissertations: an introduction and guide to the conduct of legal research/Michael Salter and Julie Mason - Harlow, England : Pearson/Longman, 2007

The book gives comprehensive guidance on choosing a topic and getting started, working effectively with your supervisor, time management, adopting appropriate research methods and understanding theoretical approaches, black - letter, feminist, sociolegal, historical and interpretive.

K 101


Sarkar's hints on modern advocacy cross-examination and professional ethics/by S.C. Sarkar - New Delhi : India Law House, 2005

This book contains exhaustive provisions relating to enrolment and admission of advocate rights of advocate, punishment for professional and other misconduct. In Modern Advocacy a senior advocate shall not file vakalatnama or act in any court or tribunal or before any person or authority has been depicted widely in this book.

KN 389


Law and aging essentials of elder law / Ronald J. Schwartz - New Jersey : Prentice - Hall, Ins., 2005

Updated to reflect the enormous legal changes since the first edition in 1998, this text includes detailed and comprehensive descriptions of the essential topics of elder law-including advance directives, wills, financial planning, diseases of aging, love and marriage, HIPAA regulations, Tax Relief Act of 2001, healthcare decision making, entitlement programs, managed care and long-term care insurance, viatical settlements, living facilities for the elderly, and elder abuse.

KM 208.2

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16



Book Cover

Call No


Law of contempt/by Justice P.S. Narayan , assisted by P. Jagadish Chandra Prasad – Hyderabad : Asia Law House, 2007

In this book apart from the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, the relevant provisions like Articles 129 and 215 of the Constitution of India and also the Rules under the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 have been dealt with.

KM 563.3


New frontiers of intellectual property law: property law/edited by Christopher Heath and Anselm Kamperman Sanders – Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2005

This book present papers of the third and fourth IP conference organised by the Macau Institute of European Studies (IEEM) on intellectual property law and the economic challenges for Asia. The first two parts cover the protection of subject matters that are relative newcomers to the field of international intellectual property, cultural heritage and geographical indication.

KN 111


Insurgency & terrorism: from revolution to apocalypse/Bard E. O'Neil – India : Manas Publications, 2006

A systematic, comprehensive and straightforward book that analyze and compares insurgencies and terrorist movements. It covers activity that has since occured in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China, and elsewhere and highlights the new tactics and weapons used by insurgent groups including alQaida and threatened.

KC 1368


Open source and the law/ Priti Suri & Associates - New Delhi : Butterworths, 2006

In this book the author has atempted to create an awareness of open source in India. With the adoption of open-source based systems such as Linux, Apache, the movement has acquired the status of a cause celebre. While focussing on the history and philosophy behind open-source, the author urges the Indian policy makers to note the global developments in open-source and introduce legislative changes that will be instrumental in shaping the future of software development. Each of the chapters, be it the historical development and use of the legalities of licensing agreements or lessons from the US for India, offer an insightful look into why the open-source movement has become an industry to be reckoned with.

KN 347


P.Ramanatha Aiyar's advanced law lexicon: the encyclopaedic law dictionary with legal maxims, latin terms and words & phrases/compiled and edited by P. Ramnatha Aiyar - New Delhi : Wadha and Company Nagpur, 2005

A considerable collection of the terms in other systems of law especially English and American have been included in this book. The main phrases of international, maritime, military, military and mercantile law and forensic medicine is also included. Another special feature of this work is the inclusion of legal maxims used in the Indian legal system.

K 124


Paget's law of banking/Mark Hapgood QC – London : Butterworths, 2007

The 13th Edition has been updated and expanded to provide a thoroughly modern approach to the subject matter, while remaining unique in providing a comprehensive, clear and accurate statement of the law of banking, with a particular emphasis on the principles which underpin the case law. Developments since the last edition include: amendments to FSMA; The Consumer Credit Act 2006; new banking codes; Enterprise Act 2002 and many other changes in insolvency law; spectrum relating to fixed floating charges; restatement of the court's jurisdiction to attach foreign debts; developments in letters of credit and demand guarantee case law; and, over 150 new cases across the entire field of banking law.

KN 303


Banking regulation and world trade law: GATS, EU and prudential institution building/ Lazaros E. Panourgias – Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2006

This book covers the legal aspects of international trade in financial services, with a focus on the possible conflicts between international trade liberalisation norms and banking regulation.

KN 303


Abdullah Ahmad Badawi:a new breeze in Malaysia's politics : political analysis/Paridah binti Abd. Samad - Kuala Lumpur : Partisan Publication & Distribution, 2008

This book is a political analysis on the Malaysian political environment, which covers the period of Malaysia under Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from November 2003 to April 2007. This book constitutes a brief biography of the Prime Minister.

KZ 923.2595


Tradition and change in Australian law/by Patrick Parkinson - Pyrmont, N.S.W : Lawbook Co., 2005

This book is about the dialogue between past and present as it is experienced in the modern Australian legal system. No institution or system can be understood fully without understanding itd\s origins. The system of law in Australia reflects its origins in the western legal tradition and in particular the common law tradition as transplanted to Australian soil and adapted to Australian circumstances.

KL 1 A 82


International organizations: perspectives on governance in the twenty-first century/Kelly-Kate S. Pease - Upper Saddle River, N.J : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008

This book provides critical interpretations of international organizations from the perspectives of Marxism, Feminism, Realism, and Liberalism. Using case studies of current crisis and events ranging the from Arab and Islamic organizations to the Palestinian uprising to the engineering of Genetically Modified Foods, it is a timely study of how organizations shape and influence world views. Using the perspectives from four approaches, Realism, Liberalism, Marxism, and Feminism, this book uses case studies to illustrate the importance of international organizations and their effect on the world. Topics are reflected by the case studies presented: International Security and the Persian Gulf Crisis and Srebrenica; Regional Security and NATO and the Arab League; Multinational Corporations and the US Clean Air Act and Genetically Modified Foods, Development and the Mexican Peso Crisis and the Indonesian Crisis; the Environment and Global Warming and Whaling; Human Rights and Yugoslavia and Rwanda. For workers in corporations with worldwide interests and for those employed by international organizations.

KC 340

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16



Book Cover

Call No


50 tahun pembangunan pendidikan tinggi di Malaysia/ editor Zailan Moris - Pulau Pinang : Penerbitan Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2007

Buku ini membicarakan secara menyeluruh dan komprehensif aspek-aspek penting tentang pendidikan tinggi di Malaysia. Aspek yang menjadi topik utama bab buku ini ialah sejarah, falsafah, tokoh, cabaran semasa, hala tuju dan perancangan masa depan pendidikan tinggi.

KZ 378.595


Bromley’s family law/N. V. Lowe, G. Douglas - New York : Oxford University Press, 2007

Bromley's Family Law remains the most authoritative textbook on the subject and has been used by generations of both students and practitioners as a reliable source of guidance. 2006 sees the publication of the tenth edition while 2007 marks the fiftieth anniversary of its original publication, and indeed the publication of the first textbook on family law. Both detailed and readable, this book offers the fullest consideration of new legislative and case law developments, and their impact on family law. The authors consider these developments alongside changes in practice, including the increasing emphasis placed on alternative dispute resolution, and the active involvement of children in legal proceedings affecting them. Particular attention is also paid to the influence of the European Union, which is becoming increasingly important for a full understanding of family law.

KN 170


Macken on work choices/ James Joseph Macken, AM – Pyrmont: Lawbook Co., 2006

This book provides essential commentary on the Workplace Relations Amendment Act 2005. It offers discussion and analysis of these recent changes, offering valuable insight for the student and practitioner alike.

KN 190


Notaries powers of attorney affidavits & deeds/by P.K. Majundar and R.D. Saxena - New Delhi : Orient Publishing Company, 2007

This edition contains latest amendments introduced in the Notaries Acts & Rules during the last three years. Latest models forms of daily use have been added. Judgements pronounced by Supreme Court and High Courts are included under various sections of the Notaries Act and other allied Acts.

KL 88


Designing qualitative research/by Catherine Marshall, Gretchen B. Rossman - Thousands Oaks, Calif : Sage Publications, 2006

The book provides pragmatic guidance for developing and successfully defending proposals for qualitative inquiry. It takes the current political climate into consideration and introduces readers to todays research environment. This edition also includes discussions about distance-based research (such as email interviews and online discussion groups), the implications of postmodern turns, integrating archival material in qualitative research, and creative ways of presenting the research. Provides updated references: Updated material enables researchers to find resources that reflect emerging genres and choices guided by the most recent insights, controversies, examples, and research tools. This version of the book addresses recent thinking on "the researcher in the research setting." In addition, the end of each chapter features a post script that consists of a dialogue between a student and an advisor which illustrates design dilemmas in real time. Emphasizes a step-by-step approach: The text walks readers through the crafting of a research project from start to finish in a step-by-step fashion. Concrete models for the various parts of a proposal are provided to help readers create outlines, entry letters, consent letters, budgets, and timelines.

KN 300.72


Hanbury & Martin modern equity/by Jill E. Martin – London : Sweet & Maxwell Limited, 2005

This book contains a critical commentary with full reference to materials from legal journals; offers a wider range of coverage than other equity textbooks, in particular equitable remedies, and doctrines such as estoppel and undue influence; details the latest reform proposals, in particular the recommendations as set down by the Law Commission; and includes coverage of the case law and legislative developments.

KN 200


The migration reader: exploring politics and policies/ edited by Anthony M. Messina and Gallya Lahav - New Delhi : Viva Book Private Limited, 2006

The book introduces the key articles and documents that analyze the complex phenomenon of transnational migration and the challenges it poses for contemporary societies, states and international relations. Enhanced by the editors' commentary, the selection identify concepts and trends in international migration, review the historical origins of contemporary migration and refugee regimes, consider immigration politics and policies and explore migration in a global context.

KC 199


Esssential professional conduct: legal ethics/ Geoff Monahan and David Hipsley - New York : Routledge Cavendish, 2007
This book provides a clear and concise guide to the key elements of Australian legal ethics. The book is written specifically for the undergraduate law and/or practical legal training student. Each chapter opens with a checklist of the areas covered in that part of the book, and the following text provides an easily assimilable discussion of the important principles of the topic in question.

KL 82


Hong Kong arbitration: a user’s guide/Michael J. Moser and Teresa Y.W. Cheng – Netherlands : Kluwer Law International, 2004

In this straightforward and nontechnical presentation of the law and practice of arbitration in Hong Kong, the authors describe the organization and work of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and the evolution of Hong Kong's current arbitration legislation, including the role of the UNCITRAL Model law.

KN 398


Street on torts/John Murphy - New York : Oxford University Press, 2007

This edition provides a strong analysis of case law, explaining how torts actually work and examining the social purposes behind them. The importance of the Human Rights Act is traced thoughout the book, and a new chapter has been included on the misuse of private information to reflect this rapidly developing area of the law. Further reading sections have been added to the end of each chapter. Online Resource Centre The twelfth edition of Street on Torts is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre providing twice-yearly updates, giving students easy access to key developments in the law.

KN 30

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