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Emel Cetak
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Kajian penggunaan standard metadata untuk sumber maklumat elektronik di agensi-agensi kerajaan Malaysia / Prof Madya Salmah Salleh…[et. al] – Kuala Lumpur : Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia, 2005

Buku ini adalah hasil kajian penggunaan Standar meta data untuk sumber maklumat elektronik di Agensi-Agensi Kerajaan di Malaysia yang di jalankan oleh ahli pasukan penyelidik dari Universiti Teknologi Mara.


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KZ 025.302



Hubungan etnik di Malaysia / Mansor Mohd Nor – Malaysia : Prentice Hall Malaysia, 2006

Buku ini menjadi satu platform dalam usaha melahirkan kesedaran, merencanakan tanggungjawab serta mencetuskan penghayatan kepada seluruh warganegara agar terus memelihara ikatan keharmonian hubungan etnik tanpa mengira batas usia atau status individu.




KA 67



Disclosure : (being the third edition of discovery) / by Paul Mathew and Hodge M. Malek Q.C with of foreword by The Rt. Hon Lord Mance – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2007

Disclosure provides an authoritative and detailed analysis of the law relating to the process whereby parties to an action disclose to each other all documents relating to the action. It examines both substantive law and procedure, discussing the "who, what, how and when" of disclosure obligations and explaining the implications of non-compliance.




KN 386



Spanish law and legal system / Elena Merino-Blanco – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2006

The book guides the reader through the history of the system. explaining the sources, institutions, court structures and main principles of civil and criminal procedure. Key areas of substantive law including contract, property, family, non-contractual obligations, succession, private international law. constitutoonal and administrative law are also covered in detail.



KV 821



Halal food production / Main N. Riaz and Muhammad M. Chaudry – Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2004

This text delivers a wealth of information about Halal food laws and regulations, guidelines for food production, domestic and international food markets, and trade and import requirements for various countries. Both authors are food scientists who have practical experience in Halal food requirements and Halal certification.




KN 185.23


Model commercial contracts and letters : Central Chambers Law Corporation – Singapore : Sweet & Maxwell, 2005

Provides practical assistance to the non-expert in matters relating to drafting contracts and letters. Each chapter begins with an introductory text or short commentary of the law and goes on to suggest how letter and contracts should be drafted or understood. Sample contracts are explained to familiarise readers with their form, language and application while letters are included to provide a guide to drafting correspondence that state a business's position in a clear, professional and most importantlt, non-defamatory manner.




KL 34.2



Applied Islamic law of trade and finance : a selection of contemporary issues / Mohd. Ma’sum Billah – Petaling Jaya : Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2007

This book provides a clear and practical exposition of some contemporary practical issues in Islamic law of trade and finance. Comparison with civil law highlights the differences between the systems and greatly assists in the understanding of both systems. It covers topics such as commercial contracts, sale of goods, partnership, stock market, Islamic currency, takaful and the institution of zakat.




KD 661



Data protection strategy : implementing data protection compliance / by Richard Morgan and Ruth Boardman – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2003

This book is a practical guide to complying with the legislation set out in the Data Protection Act 1998. It presupposes no prior knowledge of the Act, but enables the reader to proceed at once to a data audit and the putting in place of structures and procedures, which establish and maintain compliance with the Act.

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KN 347.9



Model rules of professional conduct and other selected standards : including California and New York rules on professional responsibility / by Thomas D. Morgan and Ronald D. Rotunda – Unites State of America : Foundation Press, 2007

Professional Responsibility is one of the most rapidly changing fields in American law. New rules, not just new cases, come to the forefront each year. The 2007 edition of Morgan & Rotunda's Selected Standards on Professional Responsiblity, covering national as well as the New York and California standards on Professional Responsibility, has collected the most up to date and important standards that govern judicial and legal ethics. Students, faculty, the practicing bar, judges, and all those who write and study in this area will find in one short and accessible volume the essentials of what they will need to examine the many issues of professional responsiblity that they will confront on a daily basis.




KL 82



Encyclopaedia of Islamic thought : fundamental of Islamic thought / Muhammad Ilyas – New Delhi : Anmol Publication Pvt. Ltd., 2007

All the Islamic thoughts are based on the holy injections prescribed in the holy Quran or Traditions of Prophet Muhammad. Holy Quran is the Universal Compendium holding facts of the life here and hereafter. Present work attempts at highlighting the most relevant and crucial aspects of the life in the light of the book.




K 140

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



Book Cover

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Forensic evidence : science and the criminal law / Terrence F. Kiely – Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, 2006

One of the greatest challenges encountered by those in the forensic sciences is anticipating what the state and federal courts will - or will not - allow as valid physical evidence. In this book the out hon. analyzes and explains the judicial system's response to the applicability of forensic science in the investigation, prosecution, and defense of criminal activity. Each chapter of this comprehensive yet accessible resource provides an overview and analysis of the scientific and legal aspects of a particular forensic discipline. An important new feature of this second edition is that each chapter focuses on discussions of recent forensics literature reviews from Interpol's 14th Annual Forensic Science Symposium. This latest edition also updates previously discussed cases and presents the most recent applications of the Frye and Daubert standards, the admissibility of eyewitness identification, the upsurge of cases and statutes that involve post-conviction DNA, and the increased interest in re-examining cold cases.

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KM 607



Surrendering to international criminal courts : contemporary practice and procedures / Geert-Jan Alexander Knoops – Ardsley, N.Y : Transnational Publishers, 2002

This innovative book provides an incisive, knowledgeable and comprehensive study of the promises and limitations of the emerging phenomenon of surrender of individuals to international criminal courts, such as the International Criminal Court of the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), the International Criminal Court of Rwanda (ICTR), and the International Criminal Court (ICC). It is the first study on this area. The author analyses the distinctions and similarities with international extradition norms and persuasively establishes the international legal confinements of the surrender concept and the role of states and NATO-forces within this concept.




KC 210



150 contractual problems and their solutions / Roger Knowles – Oxford : Blackwell Pub., 2005

This book considers 150 problems that regularly arise in building contracts and provides a detailed explanation as to their answers. It cites key parts of legal decisions as authority. The new edition includes some 50 new problems, and revised solutions to a third of the problems to take account of recent case law.




KN 10


Law of governance in Islam / editor Tauqir Mohammad Khan; co-editor M.H. Syed – New Delhi : Pentagon Press, 2007

This book reveals the entire structure and functions of Islamic administration and it must be equally useful to administrators, lawyers, professionals, scholars and many more.



KD 632.2


The law of tort / Series editor Andrew Grubb MA; General editor Ken Oliphant BA (Oxon), BCL – Reed Elsivier : Lexis Nexis Butterworths, 2007

The book covers the general principles of tortious liability and a wide range of specific torts. It provides an accessible, comprehensive and authoritative account of the law as it is and how it is likely to develop. The new edition includes ground breaking cases such as Barker v Corus on causation, Viasystems on vicarious liability, and Jameel on defamation, plus a preliminary analysis of OBG v Allan in the area of economic torts. There is also full treatment of the Compensation Act 2006, and two wholly new chapters on Privacy and Deceit & Misrepresentation. This is an indispensable reference which will broaden the practitioner's understanding and knowledge of what is a fast-moving and complex area of law.




KN 30



Commercial contracts : a practical guide to standard terms / by Dr. Richard Lawson and Susan Singleton – Haywards Heath, west Sussex : Tottel Publishing, 2006

This new edition is an invaluable guide to the practical aspects of drafting and interpreting commercial contracts. It provides useful background and detailed advice on the law surrounding a wide range of commercial agreements including: key common clauses; when to use standard terms; procedures and good practice; termination of contracts; remedies for breach; and, the specific issues relating to export, software and consumer contracts. It also contains valuable precedents, including expert guidance on business-to-business and business-to-consumer agreements, providing users with an excellent tool for drafting commercial contracts.




KN 10



Energy law and the environment / Rosemary Lyster and Andrian Bradbrook – Port Melbourne, VIC, Australian : Cambridge University Press, 2006

The current unsustainable practices worldwide in energy production and consumption have led to a plethora of environmental problems. Until recently environmental law largely overlooked the relevance of energy production and consumption; energy was seen to be of little significance to the advancement of sustainable development. This has changed since 2000 with the global concern attached to climate change, the publication by the United Nations of the World Energy Assessment and the detailed consideration given to this issue at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. Australia has been seen to be lagging behind the other major industrialised nations of the world in addressing sustainable energy issues.




KN 84.1



English vocabulary in use : advanced / Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell. Advanced – Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c2002 (2006 printing)

The fourth in the family of best-selling vocabulary reference and practice books from elementary to advanced level. Vocabulary is clearly presented and contextualized on left-hand pages with practice activities on facing right-hand pages. The perfect choice for advanced-level students wanting to build their vocabulary skills. English Vocabulary in Use: Advanced includes over 2,000 new words and expressions which are presented and practiced in typical contexts appropriate to this level. The book is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus to ensure that the vocabulary selected is useful and up-to-date. A test book (Test Your English Vocabulary in Use: Advanced - 0521 54534X) is also available for extra practice.



KZ 428.24



An introduction to Islamic law of evidence / by Mahmud Saedon A. Othman, translated by Raden Ahmad Shauki R. Hisam – Kuala Lumpur : The Open Press, 2000

This book is the translation of the original work Undang-undang Keterangan Islam by Prof. Dr. Mahmud Saedon. The translation i in fact a expanded version of the original book as this includes two appendices on Islamic Legal Maxims and the Enactment on Syariah Evidence.




KD 677



Goyle’s the law of partnership / by M.R. Mallick – Kolkata : Eastern Law House, 2006

This book of proven reliability for decades appears in new edition with latest changes in assessment procedures of partnership firms and formalities of registration consequent on amendments in income tax laws and also equipped with the authoritative reflections in the field of partnership laws. Capturing the legal niceties on all relevant issues and updated with latest judicial decisions the book with its masterly treatment as before adequately responds to the expectations of the readers in this area of interest.




KN 267

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



Book Cover

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Religion and the constitution : free exercise and fairness / Kent Greenawalt – Princeton, N.J : Princeton University Press, 2006

In the first of two major volumes on the intersection of constitutional and religious issues in the United States, Kent Greenawalt focuses on one of the Constitution's main clauses concerning religion: the Free Exercise Clause. Beginning with a brief account of the clause's origin and a short history of the Supreme Court's leading decisions about freedom of religion, he devotes a chapter to each of the main controversies encountered by judges and lawmakers. Sensitive to each case's context in judging whether special treatment of religious claims is justified, Greenawalt argues that the state's treatment of religion cannot be reduced to a single formula.



KM 209.R3



Positively outrageous services : how to delight and astound your customer and win them for life / United State of America : T. Scott Gross – Kaplan Publishing, 2004

In today's tough economy, cutting prices and providing good service aren't enough. To be truly successful, innovative business people must learn the art of Positively Outrageous Service (POS)-doing the unexpected unexpectedly and giving the customer more than he or she could hope for. POS put customer service guru T. Scott Gross on the map in the early 1990s. For the first time in more than ten years, he brings these concepts into the 21st century with the second edition of Positively Outrageous Service. He examines what's wrong in the service industry today and how to turn those negatives into POS.


<No Image>



KZ 658.812



Brilliant presentation : what the best presenters know, say and do / Richard Hall – Harlow : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007

Full of secrets and tips from the most accomplished and experienced presenters, this book talks you through all stages of your presentation, and integrates both content and personal presentation coaching. There is pragmatic advice for those in need of a desperate quick fix, and a presentation diary to mark your progress from a novice presenter to a brilliant one.




KZ 658.452



Auctions law and practice / Brian W. Harvey, Franklin Meisel – Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2006

This is the new edition of the leading work on the law and practice of auctions. The book looks at every aspect of auction practice from the economics of auction sales and restrictions on trading to criminal and other liabilities of the auctioneer. There is also a chapter on VAT. There have been important recent developments in the field of consumer protection and the book has been substantially revised to reflect these. In addition to general updating the new edition considers the practice of online auctions for the first time. There is also a section on looted art . The book continues to draw on case law from other common law jurisdictions.



KN 285.1



Securities regulation : cases and materials / Thomas Lee Hazen – St Paul : Thomson / West, 2006

This book includes the most up to date developments both in the courts and with respect to SEC rulemaking. For example, the Seventh Edition includes 1933 Act offering reform. The Seventh Edition is organized to enable instructors to easily omit or rearrange material. The problem and documentary supplement is available as a companion to the casebook. The problems are designed for teachers using the problem method. It also contains sample documents including a 1933 Act registration and back-up documents. The Seventh Edition is accompanied by an expanded teacher s manual. The teacher s manual includes analysis of the problems contained in the problem and documentary supplement.




KN 304.1


International themes in business law / edited by Stephen Hardy and Mark Butle – London : SAGE Publications, 2007

With contributions from the main stakeholders in the field, including company lawyers as well as leading scholars, this five volume collection of classic and contemporary articles maps out the key issues in Business Law. International Themes in Business Law moves logically from the establishment of companies, the funding and management of companies, the operation of companies in the global context, and what happens when companies fail and how should they be reformed. Contributors demonstrate not only the depth of the complicated regulation which surrounds modern companies today, but also the breadth of the legal issues to be applied and analyzed.




KN 250


Islamic law and its reception by the courts in the West : congress from 23 to 24 October 1998 in Osnabruck / edited by Christian von Bar – Heymann : Ko In, 1999

The congress involved about 95 comparative law lawyers from 26 nations. The lectures as well as the discussions which are presented in a lucid form, testify on the one hand the great seriousness, the commitment and the determined will to hold a sensible scientific debate and on the other hand the incomparable legal culture of internationally experienced and eminent academics.




KC 2000


Islamic law in practice / editor Arif Ali Khan; co- editor M.H. Syed – New Delhi : Pentagon Press, 2007

Islamic law is highly practicable and easily applicable in life, Some of the laws are very popular and guide day-to-day practices. The laws for leading a decent life, chiefly focus on faith in tradition, supremacy of devine laws, magic, myth and superstitions, trade and money matters. It also exclusively deals with the abolition of pre- Islamic practices and traditoons in Islam. This book presents a well articulated and codified description of the above mentioned core areas of the Islamic law in practice.



KD 600



Human resource management : Islamic approach / Junaidah Hashim – Malaysia : Pearson, Prectice Hall, 2007

This book includes the international and Malaysian HR practices by highlighting the past and present practices and activities. It also contains substantial Islamic literature in managing human resource.




KD 632



Defamation : comparative law and practice / Andrew T Kenyon – New York : UCL Press, 2006

The book offers a timely and original investigation into defamation law and litigation practice in England, Australia and the United States, combining close legal analysis and extensive empirical research to examine central aspects of defamation law. This groundbreaking contribution to legal knowledge will be useful to researchers, academics, students and practitioners working in media and communications law. It will enable lawyers outside the US to make more informed use of US law and commentary and it sets out, in an accessible manner, the intricacies of English and Australian defamation law and practice for US legal readers.




KN 38.2

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



Book Cover

Call No



Magistrate’s court guide / F C Davies – Reed Elsevier : Lexis Nexis Butterworth, 2007

This popular annual publication provides a complete picture of the law. Practical and easy to use, it is the single most important guide to all the activities of the magistrates' court, whilst its straightforward and concise coverage of new case law represents excellent value for money.



KN 367.3X53


A dictionary of law / edited by Elizabeth A. Martin, Jonathan Law – New York : Oxford University Press, 2006

The book focuses primarily on English law and provides a one-stop source of information for any of the many countries that base their legal system on English law. Over 4,300 entries define and explain the major terms, concepts, processes, and organization of the legal system. Now greatly improved and expanded for the 6th edition, the dictionary boasts a wealth of new features including recommended web links, feature entries on key topics, and greatly expanded coverage of European and International law, as well as key jurisprudence (legal theory) terms. It also includes a brand-new Writing and citation section that specifically addresses problems and established conventions for writing legal essays and reports.




K 120



Artice 8 : the right to preservation of identity ; Article 9 : the right not to be separated from his or her parents / by Jaap E. Doek. – Leiden : Martinus Nijhoff, 2006

This volume constitutes a commentary on Article 8 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is part of the series, A Commentary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which provides an article by article analysis of all substantive, organizational and procedural provisions of the CRC and its two Optional Protocols. For every article, a comparison with related human rights provisions is made, followed by an in-depth exploration of the nature and scope of State obligations deriving from that article. The series constitutes an essential tool for actors in the field of children’s rights, including academics, students, judges, grassroots workers, governmental, non-governmental and international officers. The series is sponsored by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.




KN 176



Commentary on MRTP law competition law and consumer protection law / by S.M. Dugar – New Delhi : Wadhawa and Company Nagpur, 2006

This book contains exhaustive notes, comments and case-law references (Indian and Foreign) decided by the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts in the country on the MRTP Act, Competition Act & Consumer Protection Act. Anti-competitive and Consumer Protection laws have to play an important role in maintaining the competitiveness in the Indian Markets and generation of best products at the lowest prices to provide benefits to consumers. The Competition Commission is meant to curtail anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominance and anti-competitive mergers. The Redressal Authorities, set-up under the Consumer Protection Act, enforce Consumer Protection law to prevent deception and unfair marketing practices, which hurt to the Public at large, as consumers of goods and services.



KN 266



Article 24 : the right to health / by Asbjorn Eide and Wenche Barth Eide – Leiden : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2006

This volume constitutes a commentary on Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is part of the series, A Commentary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which provides an article by article analysis of all substantive, organizational and procedural provisions of the CRC and its two Optional Protocols. For every article, a comparison with related human rights provisions is made, followed by an in-depth exploration of the nature and scope of State obligations deriving from that article. The series constitutes an essential tool for actors in the field of children’s rights, including academics, students, judges, grassroots workers, governmental, non- governmental and international officers.




KN 176



Article 27 : the right to an adequate standard of living / by Asbjorn Eide – Leiden : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2006

This volume constitutes a commentary on Article 27 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, dealing with the right to an adequate standard of living.




KN 176



Byles on bills of exchange and cheques / by Nicholas Elliott, Q.C. and John Odgers and Jonathan Mark Phillips – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2007

This book gives you comprehensive coverage of the law relating to bills of exchange, cheques and other negotiable instruments. This book provides you with authoritative guidance on the procedure and practice relating to actions on such instruments.




KN 306.2



Stress management for lawyers : how to increase personal & professional satisfaction in the law / Amiram Elwork – North Wales : Vorkell Group, 2007

Dr. Elwork's book is a standard in the area of lawyer stress. It is concise and highly readable, and yet exhaustive in scope and well- researched.This book is suitable to all law students and lawyers.



KZ 155



A user’s guide to copyright / by Micheal Flint, Nick Fitzpatrick & Clive Thorne – Haymards, Heath : Tottle Publishing, 2006

The new and fully revised edition of this key book is designed to help both practitioners and non-legal professionals understand copyright and design law in the UK, and how it affects you. Split into two easy-to-use sections, with part one containing a detailed breakdown of all relevant UK legislation, and part two applying this legislation to the main industries in which copyright material is commonly exploited. Updated to reflect the emergence of brand-new means of digital exploitation, including peer-to-peer distribution, A User's Guide to Copyright clearly illustrates the scope and relevance of copyright law in the new information technology era.




KN 122



Bilateral tensions in post-cold war ASEAN / N. Ganesan – Singapore : Regional Strategic and Political Studies Programme, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1999

This book deals with bilateral tensions between selected ASEAN counries in the post-cold war period. It examines five sets of relationships that between Myanmar and Thailand, Malaysia and Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philipines and Malaysia and Singapore.




KC 861

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There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



Book Cover

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Concept of Islamic law / editor Arif Ali khan, co-editor M.H.Syed – New Delhi : Penagon Press, 2007

This book presents a reasonable description of the background, sources, religious foundations and the concept of Islamic law. It has incorporated the genesis, objectives, application and different latent concepts of Islamic law.



KD 600


Concise law dictionary : with legal maxims, latin terms and word & phrases / Compiled and edited by P. Ramanatha Aiyar – New Delhi : Wadhawa and Company Nagpur, 2007

With more than 30,000 references and entries, nearly 2500 legal maxims, latin terms and words and phrases specially adapted to the requirements of the professionals and students of LLB. It presents the pith of the law on several topics of obsorbing interest. It enables one to trace the doctrines of law at their early sources and the other to investigates particular questions with special thoroughness.




K 120


Corruption and misuse of public office / Colin Nicholls… [et al]. – Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2006

This book provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the law relating to corruption as it has been shaped over recent years. Written by leading practitioners with extensive experience of handling both the civil and criminal aspects of corruption cases, the book provides a clear exposition of the current law. It examines the legal and practical issues relating to the investigation and prosecution of corruption cases and includes specialist coverage of issues such as whistle blowing, and the recovery and repatriation of assets.




KM 563.6



Law, culture and society : legal ideas in the mirror of social theory / Roger Cotterrell – Aldershot, England : Ashgate Publising, 2006

This book present a distintive approach to the study of law in society, focusing on the sociological interpretation of legal studies. It explores links between legal studies and social theory and relates its approach to sociolegal research on the one hand and legal philosophy on the other. The book also develops an original approach to theorizing law's relation to culture with many implications for comparative legal studies.



KA 60



Technology and legal systems / Noel Cox – Aldershot, England : Ashgate, c2006

This book explores aspects of technology's relationship with law and government, and in particular the effects changing technology have had on constitutional structures and upon business. Part I examines the legal normative influence of constitutional structures and political theories. It focuses on the interrelationship between laws and legal procedure with technology and the effect technology can have on the legal environment. Part II discusses the relationship between government and technology both at the national and international level. The author argues that technology must be contextualized within a constitution and draws on historical and contemporary examples to illustrate how technology has both shaped civilizations and been the product of its political and constitutional environment.




KA 70 T4



Private international law of reinsurance and insurance / by Raymond Cox, Louise Merrett and Marcus Smith – London : Informa, 2006

This book provides a clear and practical guide to identifying the applicable legal regimes and relevant rules insofar as they concern reinsurance and insurance disputes. It provides authoritative guidance on resolving the issues that have arisen in relation to reinsurance and insurance under both the European rules and the common law.




KA 290



The 6 most important decisions you’ll ever make : a guide for teens / Sean Covey – New York : Fire Side, 2006

In this practical and lively self-help title, the author argues that teens have six key decisions to make, and that their choices will make or break their futures. The decisions involve getting a good education, choosing true friends, getting along with parents, dating and sex, avoiding addictions, and establishing a healthy sense of self-worth. Covey provides tips for making and following through on each of these areas and delivers concise sound bites of advice peppered with colorful graphics, cartoons, and movie quotes. He supports his arguments with facts, statistics, and analysis.




KZ 158.0835



The 8 th habit : from effectiveness to greatness / Stephen R. Covey – New York : Free Press, 2004

The 8th habit is the answer to the soul's yearning for greatness, the organization's imperative for significance and superior result and humanity's search of worker. It show the way how to solve dilemmas from the workers, management, society, business. This book is also transform the way we think about ourselves and our purpose in life about our organizations and about humankind.



KZ 658



The first 90 days in government : critical success strategies for new public managers at all levels / Peter H. Daly and Michael Watkins with Cate Reavis – Boston, Mass : Harvard business School Press, 2006

This concise, practical book provides a roadmap to help new government leaders at all levels accelerate their transitions by overcoming nine transition challenges, ranging from clarifying expectations to defining goals to building a team to managing personal stress. The authors also offer detailed strategies for avoiding major "transition traps." Zeroing in on the challenges facing new government leaders, Getting Up to Speed in Government is an indispensable guide for anyone seeking to lead and succeed in the public sector.




KZ 352.3



Article 31 : the right to leisure, play and culture / by Paulo David – Leiden : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2006

This volume constitutes a commentary on Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is part of the series, A Commentary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which provides an article by article analysis of all substantive, organizational and procedural provisions of the CRC and its two Optional Protocols. For every article, a comparison with related human rights provisions is made, followed by an in-depth exploration of the nature and scope of State obligations deriving from that article. The series constitutes an essential tool for actors in the field of children’s rights, including academics, students, judges, grassroots workers, governmental, non- governmental and international officers.




KN 176

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