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Emel Cetak
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Book Cover

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Criminal laws in Australia/David Lanham ... [et al.] - Annandale, N.S.W : The Federation Press, 2006

This major new text examines the core features of criminal law in all Australian jurisdictions. It builds upon the trend of recent High Court decisions to provide national solutions that will work so far as possible in all Australian jurisdictions, whether code or common law.

KM 500 A81


Criminal procedure stories/edited by Carol S. Steiker. - New York : Foundation Press, 2006

Unlike casebooks, this Criminal Procedure Stories goes with greater detail into the human stories and the social, political, and legal contexts of the big Supreme Court cases regarding criminal justice. It unearths details not available anywhere else. In addition to great narrative enrichment, it provides the provocative thoughts of highly respected scholars who are each experts on the particular cases they address.

KM 570


Criminals and their scientists: the history of criminology in international perspective/edited by Peter Becker, Richard F. Wetzell - New York : Cambridge University Press, 2006

Presenting recent research spanning the late eighteenth to the mid-twentieth century in Western Europe, Argentina, Australia, Japan, and the United States, this survey approaches the history of criminology as a history of science and practice. The essays examine the discourse on crime and criminals that surfaced as part of different discourses and practices, including the activities of the police and the courts, parliamentary debates, and media reports, as well as the writings of moral statisticians, jurists, and medical doctors.

KM 500


Strategic management: concepts/ Fred R. David. - New Jersey : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005

The tenth edition of Strategic Management is a current, well-written strategic management textbook with the most up-to-date compilation of cases available. Designed in functional four-color, it offers a popular practitioner-oriented perspective, focuses on skill-building in all major areas of strategy formation, implementation, and evaluation, and weaves three very contemporary themes throughout each chapter? Globalization, the natural environment, and e-commerce. 46 Experiential Exercises, and 43 cases are included.

KZ 658.4012


Declarations of trust: a draftsman's handbook/edited by Catherine Sanders – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2005

This is a concise and easy to use, paperback guide for the general practitioner on the often-overlooked subject of making a declaration of trust at the end of a main transaction to protect a client's interests. With the increase in joint mortgages and cohabiting couples this is a topic of growing importance. Every aspect of the book has been designed for ease of use. Each chapter deals with a different scenario where a declaration of trust can be used. Every one begins with succinct commentary explaining law, procedure and points to watch out for - and concludes with a ready-to-use collection of all the relevant precedent material.

KN 210


Legal norms and normativity: an essay in genealogy / Sylvie Delacroix – Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2006

This book offers a genealogical explanation of law's normativity. The term genealogical conveys a commitment to a non-metaphysical type of enquiry. While it seeks to explain how law, as a normative phenomenon, came about, it does not wish to ground law's normativity in anything but the context of social interaction giving rise to it. This genealogical endeavour differs from a reductive, or morally nihilistic enterprise (following Nietzsche) in that it builds on recent developments in ethical theory, attempting to make sense of the social contingency of moral values.

KA 41


The Court of Appeal/Gavin Drewry, Louis Blom-Cooper, Charles Blake ; with the assistance of Suzanne Fullbrook – Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2007

This book looks at the recent history and the present-day operation of the civil division of the Court of Appeal - a court that, despite its pivotal position, has attracted surprisingly little scholarly attention. It examines the impact of the permission to appeal requirements, and the way in which applications - particularly those by litigants in person - are handled; it looks at the working methods of the Lords Justices and at the leadership of the Court by recent Masters of the Rolls; it considers the relationship between the Court and the House of Lords - looking at high-profile cases in which the Court has been reversed by the Lords.

KN 361 X1


ALWD citation manual:a professional system of citation/Association of Legal Writing Directors and Darby Dickerson. - New York : Aspen Publishers, 2006

In its third edition, the new standard guide to legal citation continues to present a single, consistent system of citation for all forms of legal writing in a clear, attractive, and easy-to-use format. It presents complete coverage of citation basics, citation for primary and secondary sources, citation of electronic sources, and incorporating citations into documents, as well as how to properly quote material and edit quotes.

K 114


The 25 best time management tools & techniques:how to get more done without driving yourself crazy/Pamela Dodd and Doug Sundheim - Ann Arbor, MI : Peak Perfomance Press Inc, 2005

This boom is simple, easy to read and it gives concrete time management techniques. More importantly, however, it shows you how to apply it to your own life. Most time management books give you tips on how to make lists and plan your day but this book takes it one step further - it explains how take action on those plans and how to learn from your mistakes if your plans are not effective. "25 Best" takes you through the process of overcoming procrastination, learning to say no, delegating appropriately, and how to communicate strategically so you can get more out of the time you have.

KZ 650.1


International human resource management: managing people in a multinational context/Peter J. Dowling and Denice E. Welch – Ohio : Thomson Sweet & Maxwell, 2005

The new edition of this highly successful and groundbreaking text continues to cover key topics in International Human Resource Management while increasing coverage of emerging theory and issues in this area. Globalization of business is forcing managers to grapple with complex issues as they seek to gain or sustain a competitive advantage. Faced with unprecedented levels of foreign competition at home and abroad firms are beginning to recognize not only that international business is high on top management's list of priorities but that finding and nurturing the human resources required to implement an international or global strategy is of critical importance. The role of human resource management in this complex, ever-changing world is central to this book.

KZ 658.3

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16



Book Cover

Call No


Concise corporations law/Julie Cassidy - Annandale, NSW : Federation Press, 2006

The purpose of this text is to provide a comprehensive, yet succinct, examination of the most significant areas of corporations law. Through the identification of the key elements underlying the pertinent statutory provisions, the use of a plain English writing style and simple format, the text seeks to make corporations law more accessible to those who seek to study or practice in the area of corporations law. Since the publication of the fourth edition there have been significant changes in corporations law.

KN 261


The Mediator's handbook: skills and strategies for practitioners/by Ruth Charlton and Micheline Dewdney; foreword by John Wade. - Sydney, Australia : Lawbook Co, 2004

Experienced mediators take you step-by-step through the mediation process, offering strategies to apply in particular contexts and valuable tips to help develop and enhance skills. This highly practical approach reflects in checklists, comments and case notes throughout including shuttle negotiation and mediation.

KN 398.6


Child labor and human rights: making children matter/edited by Burns H. Weston - New Delhi : Viva books Private Limited, 2007

Child Labor and Human Rights provides a comprehensive overview of the phenomenon of child labor from a human rights perspective. The authors consider the connections between human rights and abusive child labor, the pros and cons of a rights-based approach to the problem, and specific strategies for effecting change. They make an indispensable contribution to the growing effort to abolish abusive and exploitive child labor practices.

KN 190 Q11


C.I.P.A guide to the patents acts: fifth cumulative supplement up to date to January 1,2007/edited by Stephen F. Jones and Alan W. White for The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2007

The 5th supplement deals fully with the effect of the changes made to the Patents Act 1977 by the Patents (Amendment) Act 2004 and the Regulatory Reform (Patents Order) 2004. It brings the main work fully up-to-date with the latest developments, including: details of the extensive amendments to the Patents Rules 1995. The revised texts of each of these rules, as they stood at the end of 2006, are indicated in this new Supplement and the effect of these changes is fully discussed.

KN 114.1


Integrity: the courage to meet the demands of reality/Henry Cloud - New York : Collins, 2006

The author explores the six qualities of character that define integrity. He uses stories from well-known business leaders like Michael Dell and sports figures like Tiger Woods to illustrate each of these qualities. He shows us how people with integrity: Are able to connect with others and build trust; Are oriented toward reality, finish well , embrace the negative; Are oriented toward increase and have an understanding of the transcendent.

KZ 170


Brilliant project management: what the best project managers know, say and do/Rob Cole and Stephen Barker - New York : Pearson Education, 2007

Whether you are organizing an important event or heading up a large team, running a project can be a daunting process. Project management is fraught with perils; unfinished and unsuccessful projects are everywhere. In fact, it’s more common than not for projects to fail. Spiralling costs and missed deadlines are just part of everyday life for many project managers. But project management doesn’t have to be like this. It is possible to manage projects that consistently succeed. Brilliant Project Management condenses over thirty years of hands-on project management experience to show you what to do in simple, smart and practical steps. Discover what the best project managers know, say and do? So you won't just be good, you'll be brilliant.

KZ 658.404


Commercial litigation: pre-emptive remedies/by Iain S Goldrein ... [et al.]. – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2005

This book explains the full range of tactics that can be employed before a case gets to court. It covers all available pre-emptive remedies, from Search and Freezing Orders to pre-action letters, arbitration and enforcement of foreign judgements. It supplies reliable guidance - international edition of a classic text excluding all content applicable only to the UK and steers readers through the detail of application and enforcement procedures. It deals with pre-action procedures in a range of specialist areas, for example IP and Personal Injury and uses bullet points, boxes, guides and checklists to communicate information clearly.

KN 280


Constitutionalism and the role of parliaments/edited by Katja S Ziegler, Denis Baranger and Anthony W Bradley – Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2007

The book looks on themes around the doctrine of separation of powers, especially aspects of the relationship between parliament and the executive power and parliaments' role and attitude regarding the judiciary with a special focus on the independence of the judiciary in a comparative perspective.

KM 82


Constitutionalism, multilevel trade governance and social regulation/ edited by Christian Joerges and Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann – Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2006

This is a book about the ever more complex legal networks of transnational economic governance structures and their legitimacy problems. It takes up the challenge of the editors' earlier pioneering works which have called for more cross- sectoral and interdisciplinary analyses by scholars of international law, European and international economic law, private international law, international relations theory and social philosophy to examine the interdependences of multilevel governance in transnational economic, social, environmental and legal relations.

KN 253


Just ask: the right questions to get what you want/Ian Cooper – England : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007

Do you know what holds you back more than anything else? Ian Cooper believes the answer is simple- we are all held back by our failure to ask for what we want. He believes that by asking the right questions of others and ourselves we can all achieve personal and professional success. Ian Cooper puts each of us on the path to success by-Revealing the golden rules of asking. Introducing his formula- the 'Technology of Questions' Enabling us to change our mindsets to 'Just Ask' Demonstrating how particular types of questions can be used in varied situations. Encouraging us to consider a whole range of personal thought questions, which focus on particular issues to enhance the quality of our lives and improve our personal performance.

KZ 808

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16



Book Cover

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Archbold magistrates’ courts criminal practice 2007/editor Nicola Padfield...[] – London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2006

Designed exclusively for the magistrates' court, "Archbold Magistrates' Courts Criminal Practice" brings all the authority, trust and reassurance of the Archbold name into the magistrates' court. With a coveted author team comprising barristers, judges, solicitors and clerks, this book gives you the law and procedure from the people who know best. Everything you need to work in the magistrates' court is presented in an order that follows the progress of a case - including the complex procedures for the youth court and the recent, extensive legislative changes

KM 574


Family law: cases and materials/by Judith C. Areen, Milton C. Regan, Jr. - New York : Foundation Press, 2006

Part of the popular University Casebook Series, Cases and Materials on Family Law provides an overview of family law, addressing traditional family law issues with an updated family model. The book covers three important themes: the tension between private ordering and state supervision in family law; constitutional doctrines invoked to limit state regulation of family law; and ethical questions unique to the field of family law. Substantially revised and updated, the fourth edition provides enriching discussion by linking key issues to important cases.

KN 170


Cases and materials on administrative law/by S.H. Bailey, B.L. Jones and A.R. Mowbray – London : Sweet & Maxwell Ltd.,1992

The book is divided into two parts, the first deals with Administrative Authorities and Procedure while the second covers the increasingly important subject of judicial review. Part One covers core topics such as Central and Local Government, Administrative Procedures, Tribunals and the Ombudsman Principle. Part Two examines Judicial Review in detail and covers a wide spectrum of issues such as the grounds of challenge, appeals, remedies, validity of unlawful administrative action and delegated legislation.

KM 300


Biotechnologies and international human rights/edited by Francesco Francioni – Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2007

This book follows and complements the previous volume of Biotechnology and International Law (Hart 2006) bringing a specific focus on human rights. It is the result of a collaborative effort which brings together the contributions of a select group of experts from academia and from international organizations with the purpose of discussing the extent to which current activities in the field of biotechnology can be regulated by existing human rights principles and standards, and what gaps, if any, need to be identified and filled with new legislative initiatives. Instruments such as the UNESCO Declaration on the Human Genome (1997) and on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005) are having an impact on customary international law.

KC 200


Media law/Duncan Bloy – London : SAGE Publications, 2007

Media Law is an essential and accessible introduction to the subject that will assist media; journalism and law students understand key concepts and aid their revision. This book, designed to complement existing textbooks will advise readers on how best to utilize the vast and ever growing array of information at their disposal. The tone and level of this guide makes it easy to follow and should prove invaluable in helping students construct assessed coursework

KN 343


Law and internet cultures/Kathy Bowrey - New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005

This book is about the internet and the technological and cultural baggage that accompanies it and affects its regulation. It considers the ways decisions about Internet technologies are made; ideas behind global trade and innovation; power of engineers and programmers; influence of multinationals; and questions about global marketing and consumer choice. Although the volume draws upon current debates from globalization, communications and socio-legal theory, it will be comprehensible to a general audience interested in issues associated with technology and innovation.

KN 347.4


Business & professional ethics for directors, executives, & accountants/Leonard J. Brooks - Mason, OH : Thomson South-Western, 2007

Text focuses on practical development of the skills needed to deal with ethical issues specific to accounting. Updated to include new cases, coverage of governance and accountability reform in business, professional accounting reform, and more.

KZ 174.9657


Shipping law handbook/Micheal Bundock – London : Informa, 2007

This book provides a comprehensive collection of international conventions, statutes and statutory instruments, arbitration rules and the most commonly encountered bills of lading, charter parties, insurance clauses, guarantees and other contracts.

KN 332.3


The FIDIC forms of contract/Nael G. Bunni - United Kingdom : Blackwell Publishing, 2005

Important features of this book include: background and concepts of the various forms of contract; a detailed comparison of the wording of the 1999 three main forms, which although similar in nature; it nevertheless significantly differs in certain areas where the three forms diverge due to their intended purpose and analysis of the rights and obligations of the parties involved in the contract and the allocation of risks concerned.

KN 83


Juvenile delinquency : a sociological approach/Jack E. Bynum, William E. Thompson. - New York : Allyn & Bacon, 2007

Taking a sociological approach, this text discusses delinquency as it relates to and emerges from the youth's family, neighbourhood, school, peer group, social class, and overall cultural and social environment. The authors incorporate contributions from psychologists, social workers, criminologists, and other specialists who have sought to understand, explain, control, and prevent juvenile delinquency.

KN 367.1

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Emel Cetak
There are no translations available.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16



Book Cover

Call No



Probation and parole: theory and practice/Howard Abadinsky Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall , 2000

Featuring a front-line practitioner's insights based on the author's extensive experience as a senior New York State parole officer. This text exposes students to the complex, "real" world of probation and parole. Comprehensive in approach, it explores the cutting-edge of both practice and theory with regard to all aspects of adult and juvenile probation, institutions, and parole.


KM 68.7



Rokok dan tembakau daripada perspektif undang-undang/Abdul Aziz Hussin – Kuala Lumpur : Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 2003

Buku ini mengetengahkan idea dan fakta yang ada melalui aspek perundangan. Sejarah penanaman tembakau di Malaysia serta masalah kesihatan yang ada hubungankait dengan industri tersebut turut dihuraikan dengan jelas. Selain itu, aktiviti pengawetan, pemasaran, penggeredan daun tembakau, kawalan pengeluaran, larangan dan kawalan pengiklanan, pelabelan dan pengawalan serta larangan tajaan rokok turut dibincangkan secara khusus.


KN 186.977


Academic dictionary of law and legislation/editor J.C Chaturvedy - New Delhi : Isha Books, 2005

This publication is an up-to-date attentive and comprehensive dictionary of law and legislation, which recognises that it is a field in its own right, with its own language and that terms and their definitions are important for professionals and students of law and legislation.


K 120



Bills of lading/by Sir Richard Aikens, Richard Lord and Micheal Bools – London : Informa, 2006

A brand new addition to the Lloyd's Shipping Law Library, Bills of Lading provides a detailed and practical analysis of the law and practice applicable to bills of lading before, during and after shipment. It is co-authored by two leading specialist barristers and a Commercial Court judge who have wide experience of bills of lading both in practice and in the context of litigation.


KN 337.3



Kamus peribahasa kontemporari/ Ainon Mohd., Abdullah Hassan - Bentong, Pahang : PTS Professional Pub., 2005

Buku ini mengandungi lebih 19000 peribahasa yang di kutip daripada Malaysia, Indonesia dan Brunei. Memasukkan 7000 peribahasa terbaru yang belum pernah diterbitkan selama ini.


KZ 398.9992303



Kamus seerti/Ainon Mohd. & Abdullah Hassan - Bentong, Pahang : PTS Professional Pub., 2005

Kamus ini memberikan perkataan-perkataan yang seerti dan yang berlawanan erti. Perkataan erti terdiri daripada perkataan Melayu dan kata pinjaman Inggeris


KZ 499.2331



Leading with a limp:turning your struggles into strengths/Dan B. Allender - Colorado Springs, Colo : Water Brook Press, 2006

In Leading With a Limp, you'll discover what makes flawed leaders so successful. They're not preoccupied with protecting their image, they are undaunted by chaos and complexity, they are ready to risk failure in moving an organization from what is to what should be. God chooses leaders who aren't deceived by the myths of power and control, but who realize that God's power is found in brokenness.


KZ 253



Management by baseball: the official rules for winning management in any field/Jeff Angus. - New York : Collins, 2006

This book is a fun, story - filled guide that gives managers and anyone in business practical, actionable, understandable tools they can use to improve performance: How do you start an organization from scratch? Take a page from baseball's 19th century origins. How do you adapt to changing markets and social conditions? Learn from the man who invented Babe Ruth. What are the simplest ways to turn around a weak department? Pick up Dick Williams' proven tactics. How do you redesign corporate strategy in response to your competitors? Learn Joe Torre's secret advantage. How do you develop emotional intelligence as a leader? Find out how Ichiro Suzuki made his transition from Japan to the Major Leagues a historic success


KZ 658



Protecting human rights/by Dr. M.R. Ansari - New Delhi : Maxford Books, 2006

As for speaking against human rights violation and suggesting solutions to put an end to this, the work of the present kind will help in a great way. Author is lucidly explaining what has happened globally and our home-front


KC 203


Arbitration and oral evidence/edited by Laurent Levy and V. Veeder – Paris : ICC Publication, 2004

This volume contains papers from distinguished practitioners and arbitrators, provides a balanced and objective view of the problems and solutions leading to good general practices that can encourage both fairness and efficiency in the receipt of oral testimony.


KN 398

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Emel Cetak

5. Keahlian

Terdapat dua jenis Ahli -
untuk merapatkan hubungan muhibah, menyatupadukan ahli Kelab serta menggalakkan dan melibatkan ahli Kelab dalam aktiviti bagi faedah ahli dan keluarga mereka serta masyarakat;
untuk menggalakkan perkembangan pengetahuan, kemahiran serta kemajuan diri ahli Kelab menerusi program kemajuan diri;
Keahlian adalah terbuka kepada pegawai dan kakitangan di Jabatan Peguam Negara, Putrajaya dan Kuala Lumpur.
Ahli biasa akan luput keahliannya -
jika ahli itu sendiri berhenti atau diberhentikan daripada Perkhidmatan Kerajaan;
jika ahli itu telah meninggal dunia; atau
jika ahli itu sendiri ditukarkan ke Perkhidmatan Kehakiman atau mana-mana Jabatan Kerajaan lain.
Mana-mana ahli yang telah bertukar ke Jabatan lain tetapi masih ingin menjadi ahli Kelab dan pekerja yang digajikan adalah layak menjadi ahli bersekutu.
Tiap-tiap ahli bersekutu adalah layak menikmati keistimewaan seperti ahli biasa tetapi tidak boleh mengundi atau memegang mana-mana jawatan dalam Kelab.
Ahli bersekutu akan luput keahliannya -
jika ahli itu sendiri berhenti atau diberhentikan daripada Perkhidmatan Kerajaan; atau
jika ahli itu telah meninggal dunia.
Tiap-tiap permohonan untuk menjadi ahli hendaklah dibuat melalui borang permohonan yang dicadang dan disokong oleh dua (2) ahli biasa dan dihantar kepada Setiausaha Kelab yang seterusnya hendaklah mengemukakan permohonan itu kepada Jawatankuasa Eksekutif untuk pertimbangan.
Jawatankuasa boleh mengikut budi bicaranya menolak mana-mana permohonan untuk menjadi ahli tanpa memberi apa-apa sebab.
Ahli yang hendak berhenti daripada menjadi ahli Kelab hendaklah memberi kenyataan bertulis dua minggu lebih awal kepada Setiausaha dan menjelaskan segala hutangnya.
Mana-mana ahli yang gagal mematuhi undang-undang Kelab atau bertindak dengan cara yang mencemarkan nama baik Kelab boleh dipecat atau digantung keahliannya bagi suatu tempoh sebagaimana yang difikirkan munasabah oleh Jawatankuasa setelah ahli itu diberitahu akan sebab-sebab penggantungannya atau pemecatannya itu. Ahli itu hendaklah diberi peluang memberikan penjelasan dan membela dirinya. Pemecatan atau penggantungan itu hendaklah dilaksanakan melainkan mesyuarat agung menunda atau membatalkan keputusan itu atas rayuan oleh ahli tersebut.

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