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Malaysian Laws


The Laws of Malaysia series (LOM) is a compilation and reprint of laws published in volume form pursuant to section 14A of the Revision of Laws Act 1968 [Act 1]. It is the only official and authentic publication of the laws of Malaysia. The LOM series incorporates all principal laws of Malaysia enacted after 1969 and pre-1969 laws which have been revised by the Commissioner of Law Revision.

* The online versions of the updated reprints of the Laws of Malaysia are as marked with an asterisk. These online versions are not the reprinted version made pursuant to Section 14 of the Revision of Laws Act 1968 [Act 1]

Both printed and online versions reprint of the Laws of Malaysia Series were updated up to the date mentioned on the front page of each Laws.

Act / Citation No.Title
801 Finance (No. 2) Act 2017 [Act 801]
802 Private Aged Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 2018 [Act 802] (Not yet in force)
803 Anti-Fake News Act 2018 [Act 803]
804 Dental Act 2018 [Act 804] (Not yet in force)
805 Goods and Services Tax (Repeal) Act 2018 [Act 805]
806 Sales Tax Act 2018 [Act 806]
807 Services Tax Act 2018 [Act 807] (online version as at 1 March 2019)
811 Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (Dissolution) Act 2018
812 Finance Act 2018 [Act 812]