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International Affairs Division

Head of Division
Haliza Aini binti Dato' Othman
Deputy Head of Division I
Deputy Head of Division II
Alfian bin Yang Amri
Azmir Shah bin Zainal Abidin
Previously this Division was part of the Advisory and International Division. Following the restructuring of the Division on 1 June 2003 , this Division was divided into two separate divisions namely the Advisory Division and the International Affairs Division.
To position itself as an expert in international law matters domestically, regionally and globally.
To promote and contribute towards the development of fair and legally acceptable principles of international law for the benefit of all mankind and its harmonious co-existence with domestic law and policy.
To enhance the acceptability and applicability of international law within the domestic legislative and administrative framework.
  1. To protect and safeguard Malaysia’s rights and interests in the international arena
  2. To give legal advice and views to the Government of Malaysia in accordance with international law and principles taking into account domestic laws, national policies and public interest
  3. To ensure that Malaysia’s international obligations under any agreements, treaties and conventions which have been signed, agreed upon, ratified, acceded to or participated in by the Government of Malaysia are carried out in accordance with constitutional provisions and its domestic laws, regulations and policies.
Core Functions
  1. Providing legal advice to the Government of Malaysia and its agencies on all aspects relating to international law and Malaysia’s existing international obligations.
  2. Representing the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Government of Malaysia in the international fora with a view to protect the interest of Malaysia internationally.
  3. Carrying out harmonization of Malaysia’s domestic laws based on Malaysia’s existing obligations under international law.
  4. Providing legal advice to Government Ministries and agencies on implementation of various international instruments to which Malaysia has become a party to.
  5. Assisting in the drafting of relevant laws of various legal instruments relevant to Malaysia’s obligations under international treaties.
  6. Undertaking relevant research as to matters pertaining to international law.
Clients Charter
“We are committed to the protection and advancement of Malaysia’s rights and interests in the international fora, to the rendering of legal advice to the Government of Malaysia in accordance with international law and principles and to ensuring that Malaysia’s international obligations are undertaken and implemented in accordance with national laws and policies ."