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AGC Clients Charter

AGC Client Management Statement

Clients Charter
  1. Perusal of Investigation Papers within 14 days from the date of receipt.
  2. To obtain directions and to conduct civil proceedings instituted by or against Government of Malaysia by ensuring that preliminary actions are carried out not more than 10 weeks from the date such directions are obtained.
  3. The principal legislation is completed within 40 working days after all legal and policy issues are resolved. The final draft of the principal legislation which is submitted to the client is free from drafting errors.
  4. To complete drafts of laws revised and reprinted within six (6) months from date of instruction.
  5. Provide quality legal advice within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt of complete documents and information.
  6. Vet and draft international instruments and documents such as agreements, memoranda of understanding, declarations and joint communiqués within 14 working days and for more complex international instruments and documents, within 1 month.
  7. To submit a comprehensive, quality and professional research findings within the time determined by the client and if no time is determined not more than 3 months.
  8. Processing all bills and claims (allowances, refund and etc) within 14 days from the day of bills received.
Latest Clients Charter Achievement Report
Clients Charter Achievement Report
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