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The Solicitor General III of Malaysia

Solicitor General III
Dato' Mohamad Hanafiah bin Zakaria
Duties and Function of Solicitor General III

The Solicitor General III’s Office was created in November 2018 following the restructuring of the Solicitor Generals’ posts in the Attorney General’s Chambers. Hence, the roles and resposibilities of the Solicitor General II has now been transferred to the Solicitor General III.

The Solicitor General III is to assist the Attorney General and is to handle specific prosecution, civil and planning management as well as on the increasingly burdensome duties and the changing scope of the duties, roles and responsibilities of the Attorney General. 

The Solicitor General III is responsible for the Litigation Sector which includes the Prosecution Division, the Civil Division and the Appellate & Trial Division. This includes all State Prosecution Director Offices and State Civil Director Offices throughout Malaysia.

Similar to the Solicitor General, the Solicitor General III is empowered by law to perform any of the functions that can be performed by the Attorney General as provided under Section 40A of the Eleventh Schedule to the Federal Constitution.