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Constitutional, Administration of Islamic Affairs and Litigation Unit

Unit Head 
Zawawi bin Ghazali
This Unit deals with constitutional issues and laws relating to the administration of Islamic affairs and hukum Syarak, and handles matters relating to the international conventions and treaties from the Syariah perspective.
This Unit also represents the Ministries, Departments and agencies in civil cases before the Syariah courts and handles cases involving hukum Syarak and Syariah law in civil courts together with the Civil Division.
Syariah Judiciary and Islamic Family Law Unit

Unit Head 
 Abu Zaky bin Mohamad
This Unit handles legal issues relating to Syariah judiciary including issues relating to the status, membership and jurisdiction of the Syariah court.
This Unit also handles matters relating to Islamic family law such as issues pertaining to marriage, divorce, enforcement of maintenance order and right to custody of child.
Harmonisation and Co-ordination of Law Unit

Unit Head
Mohd Syahrizal Syah bin Zakaria
This Unit handles matters relating to the uniformity and co-ordination of the Syariah laws in the States and harmonisation between civil laws and Syariah laws in order to resolve issues on conflict of jurisdiction between civil courts and Syariah courts.
Muamalat and Inspectorate Unit

Unit Head 
Roziza binti Sidek
This Unit deals with legal issues relating to muamalat including Islamic banking and finance. This Unit also supervises and monitors legal officers attached to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and the Islamic Religious Council of the Federal Territories (MAIWP), and Syariah officers serving as Assistant Legal Advisors (Syariah) in the State Legal Advisors Office.