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Drafting Division

  • 1. What is the Quality Policy of the Drafting Division?
    The Solicitor General will ensure that the drafting of legislation is conducted in an efficient, fair and just manner and legally sound and in order, and meets the need of the client in accordance with the requirement of MS ISO 9001:2000.
  • 2. What is the drafting work process?
    • Receive and verify request by a client • Prepare an Action Plan • Prepare a draft of a legislation • Prepare a Memorandum Jemaah Menteri or comments on the Memorandum Jemaah Menteri and further action. • Manage the printing of a bill. • Assist the client to table a bill in Parliament and obtaining Royal assent • Gazette the legislation
  • 3. What are the drafting principles?
    Drafting principles consist of 7 principles as follows: 1. Clear – using simple language; 2. Comprehensible – comprehensible to the readers especially to the target group of the legislation; 3. Concise – using short sentences but clear and comprehensible; 4. Complete – by inserting any matters relating to the legislation and any matters that may arise from the legislation; 5. Consistent – using consistent words to avoid confusion; 6. Certain– free from any uncertainties; 7. Communicate – a legislation must be able to be communicated to the reader.
  • 4. Who are the clients of the Drafting Division?
    The clients of the Drafting Division include the Cabinet, Federal Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Statutory Bodies at the Federal level.
  • 5. What are the types of Federal legislation handled by the Drafting Division?
    Principal legislation: 1. Act of Parliament. Subsidiary legislation: 2. Proclamation, rule, regulation, order, notification, by-law or other instrument made under any Act, Enactment, Ordinance or other lawful authority and having legislative effect.
  • 6. What is the function of the Drafting Division?
    The function of the Drafting Division is to draft principal and subsidiary legislation for the Federal Government and to prepare bills for tabling in Parliament and to be responsible for the publication of principal and subsidiary legislation in the Government Gazette and to translate legal documents.