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Syariah and Harmonisation of Law Division

Head of Division
Dr. Arik Sanusi bin Yeop Johari
Deputy Head of Division I
Dato' Nor' Azura binti Mohamed Zohdi
Deputy Head of Division II
Rodziah binti Muhammad
  1. Preparing  legal  opinions, second legal opinions, feedbacks, comments  and  inputs  in relation to Syariah-related issues.
  2. Vetting  legal  documents  such  as  agreements  and  memoranda of understanding in relation to Syariah-related issues.
  3. Providing comments on policy papers, including Cabinet Papers, in relation to Syariah-related issues.
  4. Vetting and studying the issues related to hukum Syarak and Syariah law in relation to bills and subsidiary legislation.
  5. Conducting research and making proposals for standardization and coordination of Syariah laws between the States.
  6. Conducting research and making proposals for harmonisation between civil laws and Syariah laws in order to resolve conflict of jurisdiction between civil court and Syariah court.
  7. Representing Ministries, Departments and agencies in civil cases before the Syariah courts.
  8. Assisting the Civil Division in the handling of cases in relation to Syariah-related issues in civil courts.
  9. Preparing inputs for bodies, institutions and committiees of which the Attorney General or the Attorney General’s Chambers is a member.
  10. Conducting Syariah Community Conferences and Syariah Community Meetings to obtain views, feedbacks and inputs in relation to Syariah-related issues.