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The nomination of YBhg Professor Dato’ Dr Rahmat Mohamed as the Malaysia’s candidate to the International Law Commission, United Nations

The Government of Malaysia attaches great importance to the work of the International Law Commission (ILC) in promoting progressive development of international law and its codification.
This underscores the decision of the Government of Malaysia to present the candidature of Professor Dr. Rahmat Mohamad to the International Law Commission at elections to be held during the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2016.
Professor Mohamad has enjoyed a distinguished academic career spanning over 30 years as a law lecturer whose contributions led to a promotion to the position of Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. While teaching at UiTM’s Faculty of Law, Professor Mohamad was also appointed as an external examiner for post graduate and doctoral programmes in several public and private universities, both in Malaysia and abroad.  In addition to his academic work, he has been invited as a resource person on issues relating to international law and for the formulation of the ASEAN Charter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia.

An accomplished author with deep knowledge of international law, Professor Mohamad has published several books and book chapters, and presented numerous research papers at various international and national conferences, seminars and lectures on international legal issues ranging from investment and trade law to international criminal law. Professor Mohamad has published articles, commentaries and reports on the work of ILC in reputable journals and reports. These published work and reports have been a reference source to scholars, academics and students with interest in public international law.

In 2008 Professor Mohamad was elected and appointed as the Secretary General of the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) for a four-year term. In his capacity as the Secretary General of AALCO, he has not only revitalized AALCO, but also strengthened Asian-African solidarity. AALCO under the leadership of Professor Mohamad has made great strides in the progressive development and codification of international law. In fulfilling one of AALCO’s most important statutory obligations to represent the Asian-African perspective in the deliberations of the ILC, he addresses the ILC Session on the common minimum consensus that emerges from the deliberations on the ILC topics during AALCO Annual Session. In enhancing the relationship and cooperation between AALCO and the ILC, Professor Mohamad established the Informal Experts’ Group to embark on research and studies pertaining to current and new topics of the ILC. His impressive and active participation in various international forums worldwide as the Secretary General of AALCO was duly acknowledged with his re-election in 2013.

As a scholar specializing in public international law, Professor Mohamad has spoken extensively on the work of ILC and its cooperation with AALCO in universities across the globe. His work reflects his deep concern on the role of ILC in the 21st century and the progressive development of international law. In a recent Seminar organized by the Postgraduate Society of the Aberdeen Law School, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, he spoke on the need for scholars of public international law to actively and consistently deliberate and review the topics introduced by the ILC in academic forums and through publications. Professor Mohamad believes that this practice would ensure that the work of the ILC continuously reflects the progressive development of international law.

In view of the ever evolving and dynamic state of international law, Professor Mohamad has a few special areas of interest he would like to contribute and collaborate on if elected as a member of ILC. These topics are, issues concerning the fair and equitable treatment provisions in international investment law agreements, cyberspace and international law, individuals as actors in international law, and exploration and exploitation of marine resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

Professor Mohamad’s achievements reflect his distinguished qualification and competence in international law as well as his commitment in promoting the progressive development of international law. For these reasons, the Government of Malaysia is proud to support the candidature of Professor Mohamad for election to the ILC. In this regard, the Government of Malaysia would highly appreciate the support of the esteemed Member States of the United Nations General Assembly to Professor Dr. Rahmat Mohamad’s election to the ILC.


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