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Prosecution Division

Head of Division
Manoj Kurup
Deputy Head of Division I
Deputy Head of Division II
Deputy Head of Division III
Dato' Ishak bin Mohd Yusoff
Dato' Raja Rozela binti Raja Toran
Abdul Rashid bin Daud
To be the leading division in Attorney General’s Chambers – focused on delivering quality and well researched legal opinions and dispensing responsible, fair and swift decisions to prosecute.
To enhance the constitutional and rule of law by conducting criminal prosecutions justly, equitably and transparently and to provide sound legal advice to all enforcement agencies.
  • To give advice and instructions to all related law enforcement agencies and to conduct prosecutions in accordance with criminals procedures with the objective of protecting public interest by ensuring that criminals are punished in accordance with law.
  • To exercise the powers of the Attorney General as the Public Prosecutor in accordance with section 376 of the Criminal Procedure Code [Act 593].
  • To conduct prosecutions in the Session Courts and Magistrate Courts.
  • To conduct criminal trials, appeals, applications and revisions in the High Court.
  • To conduct appeals and applications in the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.
  • To give advice and instructions to all enforcement agencies in relation to investigations and criminal prosecutions.
  • To peruse investigation papers and to decide whether to institute prosecutions or otherwise.
Clients Charter
" We are committed to conduct criminal prosecutions in a fair and just manner and to render quality legal advice in accordance with the Federal Constitution and the laws of the country with public and national interest as the foremost considerations."