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Law Revision and Law Reform Division

Commissioner of Law Revision and Law Reform
Dato' Siti Zawahir binti Mohamed
Deputy Commissioner of Law Revision
and Law Reform I
Deputy Commissioner of Law Revision
and Law Reform II
Norhayati binti Ahmad
Farahana binti Rabidin
To establish this Division as a premier Division in the Attorney General's Chambers, renowned, recognized and respected within Malaysia and internationally.
To carry out the main functions of the Division in a systematic, efficient and effective manner with the full involvement of every member of the Division, particularly in respect of -
  1. tasks based on laws;
  2. application of sophisticated and up-to-date information communication technology (ICT);
  3. enhancement of knowledge and experience of every member through effective training; and
  4. inculcating the spirit of excellent work culture.
To ensure every Malaysia law is up to date, accurate and in tandem with current needs.
The Division’s main functions are to :-
  1. reprint laws in both the national and English language;
  2. publish revised texts of laws;
  3. extend Federal laws to Sabah and Sarawak and the Federal Territories;
  4. translate English texts of pre-1967 laws to the national language;
  5. review archaic and obsolete laws; and
  6. modernize laws to be in tandem with the changing needs of society.
Client's Charter
"We are committed to give the best service to our clients by ensuring that every Malaysian law published is up to date, accurate and caters to current needs. "